Cancelled: Tackling Anti-Virus

Today, we were due to discuss “How to prevent AV and Malware attacks on a Windows 10 PC”. Unfortunately, our venue had to shut because of advice given regarding Coronavirus!

Oh, the irony! 😮

Creating the Perfect Password

Today, we shared the secrets of creating the perfect password!

  • 8 character or more
  • Instantly memorable, so no need to write it down
  • Different for every website
  • Pretty much uncrackable (unless you’ve got a few hundred years to spare!) 😁

Deeper into Windows 10

Today, we looked deeper into ways of customising the look of Windows 10.

This included more practice positioning icons/tiles and selecting wallpaper, as well as understanding the layout of the Start Menu.

Hands On!

Today was pretty-much a totally ‘hands-on’ session! A ‘double-lesson too! 👍

The Class was given a tour around the outside of their laptop, identifying all the connectivity options and their differences.

Additionally, they customised their Desktop, choosing/aligning icons and selecting their wallpaper as well as practising using the keyboard.