Laptop Coaching: A Brief History of Windows


Today we gave the group an introduction to Windows 10, including:-

  • A (very) brief history of Windows OS
  • Why there wasn’t a Windows 9
  • Why they’ll never be a Windows 11
  • How to check whether you are running the latest version
  • Two FREE updates a year – When and How?
  • Screen Layout (Part 1)
  • Typical Apps that come with Windows 10
  • Shopping at the Microsoft Store

Technology Coaching: We’re Full!


Lucky me! My Technology Classes are now full. We have a full complement of willing Learners for my Monday Laptop Class, Tuesday Laptop Class and Tuesday Tablet Class.

If you’d like to be added to the waiting list, please drop-in to the Salvation Army in Rothwell and speak to Majors David or Julie and take away the application form.

I estimate that new Classes will begin later this year – probably August.

Laptop Coaching: Lesson Plans

After last week’s introductory lesson, today, we presented the group with their proposed Lesson Plans.

We also took a detailed look at a typical Windows Laptop Keyboard – including the functions of the lesser-known (but very useful) keys.

‘Alt Gr’ key anyone??? 🙂 🙂