Today, in our first ‘double lesson’ we spent more time learning how to use the keyboard.

We then discussed the Windows 10 ‘Out of Box Experience’ (OoBE) when setting-up a new Windows 10 Laptop ‘from scratch’.

Under the Bonnet


In the second Lesson for the new Class, we went ‘under the bonnet’ of a typical Laptop. We also experimented with typing using a modern Laptop keyboard, including an introduction to typical ‘shortcut’ keys.

Class of 2019


Today, we welcomed Alan, Chris, Beryl, Jackie and Joe to their first Class.

Over the next 30-or-so Mondays, we’ll be giving them a thorough understanding of Windows 10 – and how to get the most from their Laptop.

First priority today is to determine their priorities and then create their personal Lesson Plans.